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At Frontier Motor Cars, we understand that purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment. That’s why we strive to offer the best car deals in the market, ensuring that our customers get the most value for their money. Our team of knowledgeable sales representatives is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect car that meets your requirements.

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When you choose Frontier Motor Cars, you can trust that you are getting a top-quality vehicle backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction. We thoroughly inspect each car in our inventory to ensure its reliability and provide you with a comprehensive vehicle history report. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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Stolen Car = Stolen Dreams

Car theft is a serious issue that can have a significant impact on individuals. Thousands of cars are stolen each year, leaving victims without transportation and dealing with the aftermath of the crime.

The most stolen cars in 2021 were full-size pickup trucks, followed by the Honda Civic and Accord. It’s important to take precautions to prevent car theft, such as locking your doors, not leaving spare keys in the car, and considering additional security measures like tracking devices and wheel locks.

“A stolen car isn’t just the loss of a vehicle; it’s the theft of dreams and a disruption to our daily lives. We must prioritize car security to protect ourselves and our possessions.”

Car theft statistics serve as a wake-up call to the importance of taking preventive measures. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a car is stolen every 40 seconds in the United States. The economic impact of stolen vehicles is estimated to be around $6 billion annually.

To deter thieves and protect your car, consider the following:

  • Always lock your car, even if you’re only leaving it for a few minutes.
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition or spare keys in the car.
  • Park in well-lit areas or secure garages whenever possible.
  • Consider installing a car alarm or steering wheel lock as additional security measures.
  • Use tracking devices that can help locate your car if it’s stolen.
  • Consider wheel locks to prevent thieves from easily stealing your tires.

Maintaining car security and following these precautions can help minimize the risk of car theft and protect your valuable assets.

Most Stolen Cars in 2021 Make/Model
1 Full-size pickup trucks
2 Honda Civic
3 Honda Accord

What’s Next, A Flying Car

As technology continues to advance, the future of transportation is taking to the skies with the development of flying cars. Companies like Hyundai are leading the way, investing in flying car technology and aiming to launch them in the market by 2028. However, achieving widespread adoption of flying cars comes with its own set of challenges, both technical and regulatory.

While the concept of flying cars presents exciting possibilities, such as avoiding traffic and reducing travel times, there are also concerns to address. Safety is a paramount consideration, as flying cars introduce a new level of complexity and potential risks. Additionally, the impact on traditional airlines and existing air traffic infrastructure must be carefully navigated.

The potential benefits of flying cars are undeniable. They offer the promise of greater mobility and accessibility, particularly in congested urban areas. Commuting and transportation could be revolutionized, providing faster and more efficient options for travelers. The advanced air mobility market is poised to grow, with increased investment and research contributing to the development of this emerging technology.

Advantages of Flying Cars Potential Drawbacks
1. Avoiding traffic congestion 1. Safety concerns and risks
2. Quicker travel times 2. Competition with traditional airlines
3. Greater mobility and accessibility

flying car concept

The future of transportation holds the exciting possibility of flying cars. While there are challenges to overcome, the advancement of flying car technology continues to push the boundaries of innovation. As we navigate the complexities of integrating flying cars into our society, it will be essential to strike a balance between safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Coming Up Roses – How Color Affects Resale Value

The color of a car can have a significant impact on its resale value. When considering the purchase of a new vehicle, it’s essential to take into account the color’s potential effect on its long-term worth. While popular car colors like white, black, silver, gray, and red have generally minimal impact on resale value, certain colors can actually help retain value.

According to a study conducted by, the highest depreciating color lost nearly four times the value compared to the lowest. This study confirms the impact that car color can have on a vehicle’s depreciation rate. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to consider color choices that align with your preferences and that have the potential to positively impact the car’s future resale value.

“The color of a car can influence its depreciation rate and overall resale value.”

To get a clearer idea of the relation between car color and resale value, let’s take a closer look at some examples:

1. Popular Car Colors and Minimal Impact

Color Resale Value Impact
White Minimal
Black Minimal
Silver Minimal
Gray Minimal
Red Minimal

2. Colors That Retain Value

Color Resale Value Impact
Yellow Helps retain value
Orange Helps retain value

While the impact of car color on resale value may vary, it’s advisable to choose colors that are popular among buyers, such as the ones listed above. Opting for these colors can help safeguard your investment and potentially increase the likelihood of securing a higher resale value in the future.

For a visual representation of how car color can affect resale value, take a look at the image below:

Winter Is Here And So Is The Snow

Winter brings a new set of challenges for car owners. Snow and ice can make it difficult to clear your car and drive safely. To remove ice and snow from your car, start by checking your car’s temperature and then focus on clearing the windows, using deicing agents if necessary.

It’s essential to take steps to winterize your car to ensure optimal performance and safety during the colder months. Here are some winter car maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  1. Check engine fluid levels: Cold temperatures can affect fluid viscosity, so it’s important to ensure that engine fluids, such as coolant and oil, are at the recommended levels. This helps your car run smoothly and prevents damage from freezing.
  2. Test the battery: Cold weather can reduce battery capacity, so have your battery tested to ensure it’s in good condition. Consider replacing an old battery to avoid unexpected breakdowns.
  3. Use deicing washer fluid: Regular washer fluid may freeze in cold temperatures. Switch to deicing washer fluid, which contains antifreeze agents, to prevent freezing and improve visibility.
  4. Switch to synthetic oil: Synthetic oil performs better in cold weather compared to conventional oil. It flows more easily, providing better lubrication and protection for your engine.
  5. Inspect tire tread: Proper tire tread depth is crucial for traction on snowy or icy roads. Consider switching to winter tires for improved grip and stability in winter conditions.
  6. Check headlights and taillights: Ensure all your vehicle’s lights are in working order. Clean lenses and replace bulbs as needed for optimal visibility.

Winter driving requires extra caution and preparation to ensure a safe journey. Here are some additional winter driving safety tips:

  • Allow extra time for travel: Plan ahead and give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Slow down and maintain a safe following distance to accommodate for slippery road conditions.
  • Keep an emergency kit: Prepare a winter survival kit containing essentials like a blanket, flashlight, extra batteries, non-perishable snacks, and a first aid kit. This will help you stay safe and comfortable in case of an emergency.
  • Monitor weather conditions: Stay informed about weather forecasts and road conditions before you embark on a trip. Avoid driving during severe winter storms if possible.
  • Clear snow from your vehicle: Remove all snow and ice from your car before driving. This includes clearing off the roof, hood, windows, headlights, and taillights to ensure clear visibility and prevent hazards to other drivers.
  • Drive defensively: Be mindful of other drivers and adjust your driving style to match the conditions. Avoid sudden maneuvers, and use your brakes and accelerator gently to maintain control.

By following these winter car care tips and practicing safe driving habits, you can navigate the snowy roads with confidence and minimize the risk of accidents or breakdowns.

winter car care

Is Your Old Car Keeping You Up At Night

If you’re constantly worried about your old car breaking down or rusting away, it may be time to consider trading it in for a newer model. But if you’d like to keep your old car running smoothly and protect it from rust, there are steps you can take to ensure its longevity.

Regular Maintenance

Old car maintenance is crucial to prevent costly repairs down the line. Regularly check for rust and treat it immediately to stop it from spreading. Wax your car regularly to protect the paint from oxidation and rust formation. Make sure to clean the undercarriage and wheel wells to remove dirt and debris that can trap moisture and accelerate rusting.

Proper Storage

Storing your car in a garage is ideal for preventing rust as it provides protection from the elements. A cool, dry place will help preserve your car’s exterior and prevent moisture buildup. However, if garage storage is not an option, consider using a car cover to shield your vehicle from rain, snow, and other corrosive elements.

Preventing Rust on the Road

While driving, take precautions to protect your car from rust. Avoid driving through puddles, as standing water can cause rust to form on the undercarriage. Additionally, be cautious when using car washes, as some harsh chemicals can strip away protective coatings and accelerate rusting. Opt for a rust-resistant paint or protective coating to further shield your car’s exterior.

By following these old car maintenance tips and taking proactive measures, you can keep your beloved vehicle in good condition and protect it from rust. Regular inspections, proper storage, and preventive care will help ensure your old car remains reliable and enjoyable for years to come.

What Does Winterizing Your Car Actually Mean

Winterizing your car is a crucial step in preparing it for the cold weather. By taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your vehicle is in optimal condition and ready to tackle the challenges that winter brings. Follow our winter car checklist to keep your car running smoothly and safely throughout the season.

Checking Engine Fluid Levels

One of the first things you should do when winterizing your car is to check the engine fluid levels. This includes antifreeze, oil, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Proper fluid levels are essential for the performance and longevity of your vehicle, especially in cold temperatures.

Testing the Battery

Cold weather can take a toll on car batteries. Before winter arrives, it’s important to have your battery tested to ensure it has enough power to start your car in freezing temperatures. If your battery is weak, consider getting it replaced to avoid any unexpected breakdowns.

Using Deicing Washer Fluid

Visibility is crucial when driving in winter conditions. Using deicing washer fluid can help keep your windshield clear of ice and snow, providing you with a clear view of the road ahead. Make sure to top up your washer fluid reservoir with a deicing solution specifically designed for winter use.

Switching to Synthetic Oil

Switching to a high-quality synthetic oil is beneficial during winter. Synthetic oil flows more easily at low temperatures, providing better lubrication for your engine and ensuring optimal performance. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended oil viscosity for winter use.

Inspecting Tire Tread

Tires with sufficient tread depth are crucial for traction on snow and ice-covered roads. Inspect your tires’ tread depth and consider switching to snow tires if you live in an area with heavy snowfall. Snow tires provide enhanced grip and control in winter conditions, improving your safety on the road.

Installing Snow Tires

snow tires

If you live in an area with frequent snowfall, installing snow tires is highly recommended. Snow tires are specifically designed to perform in cold weather, providing better traction and handling on snowy and icy roads. Be sure to have them installed before winter arrives to ensure maximum safety.

Testing Headlights and Taillights

Properly functioning headlights and taillights are essential for visibility and safety during winter driving. Test all your car’s lights, including high beams, low beams, turn signals, and brake lights. Replace any burnt-out bulbs to ensure that other drivers can see you clearly on the road.

Adding a Winter Survival Kit

It’s always a good idea to have a winter survival kit in your car, especially during the colder months. Your kit should include essentials such as a blanket, flashlight, extra batteries, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, jumper cables, and a small shovel. These items can be lifesavers in emergency situations.

By following this winter car checklist and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your car is prepared for winter conditions. Don’t let the cold weather catch you off guard – prioritize winter car maintenance to keep yourself and your vehicle safe on the road.

Rust Never Sleeps – Is Your Old Car Keeping You Up At Night?

Rust can be a significant concern for old cars, leading to functional and aesthetic issues. To prevent rust, it’s essential to take a proactive approach to car maintenance and follow these rust prevention tips:

  1. Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections of your car’s exterior, paying close attention to areas prone to rust such as the undercarriage, wheel wells, and door sills.
  2. Immediate Rust Treatment: If you notice any signs of rust, treat it immediately to prevent further damage. Use rust dissolver or rust converter to get rid of the rust and apply touch-up paint to protect the affected area.
  3. Regular Waxing: Apply a layer of wax to your car’s exterior regularly to create a protective barrier against moisture and corrosive elements.
  4. Storage in a Cool, Dry Place: Whenever possible, store your old car in a cool and dry place, such as a garage. This helps prevent moisture accumulation and reduces the risk of rust formation.
  5. Avoid Driving Through Puddles: Water can accelerate rust formation, so it’s important to avoid driving through deep puddles or areas with standing water.
  6. Gentle Car Wash: When washing your car, use mild, pH-neutral soaps and avoid harsh chemicals that can strip away protective coatings and promote rust.
  7. Use Rust-Resistant Paint: Consider using rust-resistant paint for any touch-up or repainting work on your car. This can provide added protection against rust formation.
  8. Keep Your Car Clean: Regularly clean your car, both inside and out, to remove dirt, salt, and other corrosive substances that can contribute to rust.
  9. Promptly Treat Scratches and Dents: Even minor scratches and dents can expose bare metal and lead to rust. Treat them promptly by using touch-up paint or consulting a professional.

Taking these preventative measures can help prolong the lifespan of your old car, maintain its resale value, and give you peace of mind.

preventing rust


“Preventing rust is an essential part of car maintenance. By regularly inspecting your car, practicing proper cleaning and waxing techniques, and treating rust immediately, you can keep your old car in excellent condition for years to come.” – Car Maintenance Expert

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to rust. By incorporating these rust prevention tips into your car care routine, you can enjoy a rust-free and well-maintained vehicle.

Rust Prevention Tips Benefits
Regular inspections Early detection and treatment of rust
Immediate rust treatment Prevents rust from spreading and causing further damage
Regular waxing Creates a protective barrier against moisture and corrosive elements
Storage in a cool, dry place Reduces the risk of rust formation
Avoid driving through puddles Minimizes exposure to water, which can accelerate rust
Gentle car wash Removes dirt and corrosive substances without damaging protective coatings
Use rust-resistant paint Adds an extra layer of protection against rust
Keep your car clean Prevents dirt and salt buildup, which can contribute to rust
Promptly treat scratches and dents Prevents bare metal from being exposed to moisture and leading to rust

Garage Kept Cars – Winter Warning

Storing your car in a garage is an effective way to prevent rust, but during the winter months, road salt and deicing chemicals can become a factor. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, it’s important to wash your car regularly to remove salt and other corrosive materials. Using a car cover designed to repel water and keep snow and salt off your car can also be beneficial. If you must park outside, try to avoid areas where puddling occurs and perform regular inspections to remove any build-up of mud, gravel, or debris.

Tips for Winter Car Care:

  • Wash your car regularly: Removing road salt and corrosive chemicals from your car’s exterior helps prevent rust.
  • Use a car cover: Invest in a car cover specifically designed to repel water and protect your car from snow, salt, and debris.
  • Avoid areas with puddling: Standing water can increase the risk of rust and damage to your car. Choose parking spots that minimize exposure to water accumulation.
  • Perform regular inspections: Check your car for any signs of mud, gravel, or debris build-up. Clean these areas promptly to prevent moisture retention and potential rust formation.

garage storage


Frontier Motor Cars is the premier used car dealership for anyone seeking reliable vehicles and unbeatable deals. We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a wide range of options, including luxury models, ensuring you find the perfect car. Our flexible car financing options make the purchasing process even more convenient, allowing you to drive away in your dream car without hassle.

Whether you’re concerned about car theft, intrigued by the future of transportation, or looking for tips to protect your car, we are here to guide you. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to address all your concerns and provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Contact Frontier Motor Cars today to find your perfect car and embark on a stress-free car-buying experience. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding the ideal vehicle that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Visit our dealership to witness our unbeatable deals and the quality of our reliable vehicles firsthand!


What kind of deals does Frontier Motor Cars offer?

Frontier Motor Cars offers unbeatable deals on a wide range of used cars for sale.

What does Frontier Motor Cars prioritize?

Frontier Motor Cars prioritizes customer satisfaction and providing reliable vehicles at affordable prices.

Does Frontier Motor Cars offer luxury cars?

Yes, Frontier Motor Cars offers luxury models among its extensive selection of pre-owned cars.

Are there car financing options available?

Yes, Frontier Motor Cars offers flexible car financing options to make your purchase more convenient.

What are the most stolen cars in 2021?

The most stolen cars in 2021 were full-size pickup trucks, followed by the Honda Civic and Accord.

How can I prevent car theft?

To prevent car theft, you can take precautions such as locking your doors, not leaving spare keys in the car, and considering additional security measures like tracking devices and wheel locks.

When will flying cars be introduced to the market?

Companies like Hyundai are investing in the development of flying cars, with the goal of introducing them to the market by 2028.

What are some advantages of flying cars?

Flying cars offer advantages such as avoiding traffic and quicker travel times.

What are some potential drawbacks of flying cars?

Potential drawbacks of flying cars include safety concerns and competition with traditional airlines.

Does the color of a car impact its resale value?

Yes, the color of a car can impact its resale value. Popular colors like white, black, silver, gray, and red have minimal impact, while colors like yellow and orange can help retain value.

How can I remove snow and ice from my car?

To remove snow and ice from your car, start with clearing the windows and use deicing agents if necessary.

What steps should I take to winterize my car?

Winterizing your car involves checking engine fluid levels, testing the battery, using deicing washer fluid, switching to synthetic oil, inspecting tire tread, and checking headlights and taillights.

How can I prevent rust on my car?

To prevent rust on your car, regularly check for rust, wax your car, store it in a cool, dry place, avoid driving through puddles, avoid washing your car with harsh chemicals, use rust-resistant paint, keep your car clean, and treat minor scratches and dents promptly.

How can I prevent rust on my car during the winter?

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, it’s important to wash your car regularly to remove salt and other corrosive materials. Using a car cover designed to repel water and keep snow and salt off your car can also be beneficial.

How can I prepare my car for winter?

Winterizing your car involves checking engine fluid levels, testing the battery, using deicing washer fluid, switching to synthetic oil, inspecting tire tread, installing snow tires if necessary, testing headlights and taillights, and adding a winter survival kit to your car.

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