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At Little People Day Care, our mission is to build a strong foundation for early childhood education in a nurturing environment, tailored to the diverse needs of families in Idaho Falls. We pride ourselves on being an Idaho Falls day care provider that values each child’s developmental and emotional milestones. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including Little People’s Academy, are destinations where learning and growth are fueled by curiosity, creativity, and the care of industry-leading professionals like Trudy Potter, SuZann Lund, and Laurie Barnes.

Understanding that growth is an all-encompassing journey, Little People Day Care lays the stepping stones for children to foster positive self-esteem and academic prowess, all within the context of playful and friendly surroundings. Our programs accommodate infants to kindergarten-aged children, ensuring the right balance between education, care, and fun, perfect for every stage of your child’s early life.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dedicated to comprehensive early childhood education and development.
  • A nurturing environment that fosters positive self-esteem and academic growth.
  • Playful learning methods suitable for infants through kindergarten.
  • Distinguished staff who contribute to making us a top Idaho Falls day care.
  • Custom programs that align with your child’s developmental needs.

Exploring the Enriching Environment of Little People Day Care

At the heart of Idaho Falls lies a hidden gem for early childhood care, Little People’s Academy Day Care Center, where a nurturing environment is not just a phrase, but a lived experience. This esteemed toddler day care welcomes each family with open arms, making the transition for young ones as comforting as possible.

Welcome to Little People’s Academy Day Care Center

The entrance to Little People’s Academy is more than a doorway to a facility; it is the threshold to a world where play-based learning thrives and where personal attention to the children’s needs is paramount. Recognizing the importance of formative years, the center delivers an exceptional educational experience.

Dedication to Child Development and Parental Peace of Mind

With a mission to embed positive self-esteem alongside high-caliber academics, Little People Day Care upholds its status as a premier licensed child care facility. The staff and educators are dedicated to reinforcing the joys of childhood and friendship, while simultaneously complementing the essential role of parental love.

Features Benefits
Customized Support System Addresses individual family needs for a tailored day care experience
Positive Self-esteem Focus Supports the development of confident and happy children
High-Quality Academics Lays a strong foundation for future academic success
Play-based Curriculum Encourages learning through play for enhanced cognitive development

This vibrant center is dedicated to moulding a future where every child blossoms into a well-rounded individual, and every parent rests assured that their most precious ones are in caring and capable hands.

The Comprehensive Programs at Little People Day Care

At Little People Day Care, we understand that the early years of a child’s life are crucial for setting a strong foundation for lifelong learning and development. Our programs, spanning from infancy through full day kindergarten, are meticulously designed to nurture the growth of every young learner.

Infant to Full Day Kindergarten: A Continuum of Care

Our full spectrum of educational offerings ensures continuity and consistency in early childhood education. Starting with gentle, attentive infant care, we progress to immersive preschool programs and culminate in a dynamic full day kindergarten experience. This continuum of care is tailored to offer seamless transition points as children grow and develop through their formative years.

Specialized Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs

With a keen focus on readiness, our specialized preschool and pre-kindergarten programs integrate structured learning with play. Experienced educators guide little ones through activities designed to foster intellectual and social growth, ensuring children are well-prepared for the exciting challenges of kindergarten.

Children's creativity session at Little People Day Care

Program Age Group Focus Areas
Infant Care 0–18 months Motor Skills, Sensory Exploration, Secure Attachment
Toddler Day Care 18 months–3 years Language Development, Social Skills, Creativity
Preschool 3–4 years Cognitive Development, Early Literacy, Group Play
Pre-Kindergarten 4–5 years School Readiness, Math Concepts, Self-Confidence
Full Day Kindergarten 5–6 years Advanced Literacy, Numeracy Skills, Independence

In addition to these core programs, our comprehensive child care services extend to before and after school care, complete with transportation options for busy families. It is a priority for us to accommodate the schedules of our families while ensuring children receive the nurturing care and education they deserve.

Please note, Little People Day Care honors family time by observing major holidays, which allows our educators and families to recharge and celebrate together. Ensuring the well-being of our community is integral to our philosophy of care.

Little People Day Care: A Hub for Early Childhood Education

At Little People Day Care, we anchor our philosophy in the power of positive reinforcement, shaping our approach to enrich each step of a child’s journey through early childhood education. It’s our pledge to craft a nurturing environment where young minds are celebrated for their achievements, fostering an innate love for learning that paves the way for academic excellence.

Our dedicated educators play a pivotal role in nurturing the whole child, equipping them with not only knowledge but vital life skills. We believe in creating a symbiotic culture that promotes healthy child development, instilling good social skills, positive behaviors, and self-discipline. Our learning spaces echo with laughter and learning, respecting and embracing the individuality of each student.

In the spirit of fulfilling this mission, Little People Day Care is not merely a center for learning; it is a verdant playground of relationships, respect, and kindness. Here, every child has the opportunity to grow roots in confidence and stretch branches in curiosity within a place that feels like a second home.

  • Nurturing Care in Early Years
  • Guided Learning through Play
  • Fostering Social Skills and Behavior
  • Celebrating Individuality
  • Building Foundations for Academic Success
  • Cultivating Relationships and Respect

Children at Little People Day Care venture beyond mere knowledge; they learn to thrive in an inviting, dynamic world tailored carefully to their growth. In an age where early learning is more important than ever, we stand as a beacon of innovation, warmth, and holistic development.

Our Caring and Experienced Staff: The Heart of Day Care Services

At Little People Day Care, we understand that the foundation of exceptional child care services is our experienced staff. It is their dedication and professionalism that cultivate the nurturing environment our center is known for. Let’s introduce you to some of the dedicated individuals who make our licensed child care facility the loving and educational space it has become.

Meet the Directors: Trudy Potter, SuZann Lund, and Laurie Barnes

Leading the charge for quality care and education, our owners and directors, Trudy Potter, SuZann Lund, and Laurie Barnes, are the pillars of our community. They bring a wealth of experience, passion, and a shared vision of providing a supportive and enriching environment for all children. Each one has played a critical role in shaping the comforting and secure atmosphere that parents trust and children love.

What the Community Says: Testimonials Reflect Our Commitment

Don’t just take our word for it, the community’s voice speaks volumes about our impact:

“The experienced staff at Little People Day Care have been a blessing for my family. The nurturing environment and educational activities have greatly contributed to my child’s development. We are grateful for their commitment and excellence in child care services.”

“Finding a licensed child care facility that feels right can be daunting. But from the moment I walked into Little People Day Care, I knew my children were in caring and capable hands. The communication and flexibility they offer is unparalleled.”

To give you a clearer picture of the difference our team makes every day, here’s a look at some key feedback we’ve received:

Aspect Testimonials
Loving Care “The warmth and patience of the staff have helped my child thrive in a second home.”
Educational Activities “The range of activities offered is impressive; my kid comes home excited about learning every day!”
Communication “The staff’s proactive approach to communication ensures we’re always informed and involved.”
Flexibility “Their willingness to accommodate our needs has made juggling work and family life so much easier.”

Dedicated child care team at Little People Day Care

Our dedicated team is the true cornerstone of Little People Day Care, upholding the values and standards that define us as a leading provider in early childhood education and care.

Nurturing Growth with Play-Based Learning

Embracing a nurturing environment for our youngest learners, Little People Day Care stands at the forefront of integrating play-based learning into its curriculum. Understanding that each milestone in a child’s development is significant, the center provides tailored preschool programs and a tender toddler day care atmosphere that fills every day with discovery and growth.

The Philosophy Behind Fun and Educational Activities

At Little People Day Care, play is not just an activity; it’s a structured approach to learning. Educational theories underpin the well-crafted environments where children probe into the learning process through play. These experiences are not random but are carefully designed to guide children into exploring concepts at their own pace within a nurturing atmosphere.

Positive Reinforcement and Social Skills Building

The cornerstone of Little People Day Care’s approach is the belief in affirmation and social development. Positive reinforcement goes hand in hand with instructive play, encouraging children to develop core social competencies and critical thinking skills. Preschool programs are not only about academics; they’re about cultivating well-rounded individuals who are confident, cooperative, and curious learners.

“Through play, we foster a zest for learning that follows children throughout their lives. At the heart of our toddler day care and preschool programs is the celebration of each child’s innate curiosity.

Activity Skills Developed Play-Based Learning Outcome
Block Building Motor Skills, Spatial Awareness Understanding of basic engineering and math concepts
Story Time Language, Listening Skills Love for reading and improved communication
Group Games Cooperation, Social Interaction Increased social confidence and team spirit
Art Projects Creativity, Expression Development of a personal voice and an appreciation for art

We understand that a nurturing environment isn’t just about the physical space but also about an atmosphere conducive to growth. Little People Day Care is a haven where play-based learning sparks a love for discovery. By fostering these fundamental experiences from toddler day care through to preschool, we empower children to construct a foundation for lifelong success.

Creating a Nutritious Foundation for Nurturing Child Health and Wellness

At Little People Day Care, we take pride in integrating early childhood education with a strong emphasis on child health and wellness. Understanding the compelling link between nutrition and learning, we provide a nutritious foundation essential to the cognitive and physical development of children. A balanced diet is crucial in setting the groundwork for lifelong health and wellness, which is why our child care services meticulously plan meals that are both wholesome and appealing to young palates.

nutritious meals for children

Meal Components Benefits for Children Served at Little People Day Care
Whole Grains Essential for brain development and energy Oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa
Proteins Supports growth and tissue repair Lean meats, tofu, legumes
Fruits & Vegetables Rich in vitamins and minerals for overall health Seasonal selections, variety of colors
Dairy or Alternatives Calcium for strong bones and teeth Low-fat milk, cheese, plant-based milks
Healthy Fats Important for brain health and absorption of vitamins Avocados, nuts, olive oil

We incorporate a colorful array of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats in every meal we serve. Our goal is not only to nurture growing bodies but also to establish positive eating habits that will last a lifetime. Little People Day Care is committed to the wellbeing of your child, knowing that a nutritious diet is just as important as a nurturing learning environment in the early stages of life.

Supporting Families Through Committed Child Care Services

Understanding the pivotal role of families in early childhood development, Little People Day Care exemplifies excellence through its child care services. With an ethos centered on creating a nurturing environment, the daycare center places significant emphasis on parental involvement and robust familial support systems.

Open Door Policy and Parental Involvement

Little People Day Care champions a welcoming approach, giving parents assurance and insight into their child’s experiences. The center’s open-door policy underscores the importance placed on transparency and openness, inviting parents to engage actively with their child’s learning journey.

Daycare Center Open Door Policy

Communicating and Collaborating for Children’s Success

Key to the success of Little People Day Care is its commitment to seamless communication. By fostering ongoing dialogue between staff and families, a unified approach to child education and care is achieved, setting the stage for children to thrive within a collaborative atmosphere.

Aspect of Support Methods Utilized Benefits
Parental Involvement Open-Door Policy, Parent-Teacher Meetings, Special Events Enhanced Trust, Community Feeling, Improved Child Confidence
Communication Regular Updates, Accessibility, Collaborative Planning Clear Expectations, Consistent Feedback, Aligned Goals
Educational Collaboration Joint Activities, Educational Workshops, Environmental Engagement Reinforced Learning, Shared Experiences, Collective Growth
  • Open-Door Policy encourages a transparent and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Parental involvement is highly valued as part of the child’s growth and success.
  • Consistent and clear communication forms the basis for effective collaboration.

Little People Day Care not only cares for children but also provides a cornerstone for families to build upon, ensuring that every child has the optimal stepping stone towards a bright and promising future.

Ensuring Quality Education and Care in a Licensed Child Care Facility

At Little People Day Care, we understand that a successful educational journey begins with a firm foundation in early childhood education. As a fully licensed child care facility, we ensure that your child’s everyday experiences are not just enriching but also safeguarded by the highest standards of health and safety. Embracing our role as nurturers of tomorrow’s leaders, we steadfastly provide nothing less than quality education in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

Adhering to Civil Rights Laws and Promoting Equal Opportunity

Enrollment at Little People Day Care represents our unwavering commitment to equal opportunities for all children. We actively comply with USDA civil rights regulations and policies, promoting fairness that is deeply rooted in every aspect of our care. Our dedication to civil rights laws reflects the inclusive spirit of our program and ensures that every child, irrespective of background, receives the highest quality of education and care.

Health and Safety as Top Priorities

Beyond the classroom, we prioritize the well-being of each child through stringent health and safety protocols. By fostering an environment that emphasizes the physical and emotional security of our children, we confirm parents’ trust in our care. Regular training, consistent monitoring, and adherence to best practices in child care allow us to maintain a safe haven for your child’s educational and developmental milestones.

Children engaging in group activity at Little People Day Care

  • Meticulous health and hygiene practices
  • Safety drills and emergency preparedness
  • Comprehensive background checks for all staff
  • Continuous improvement of facilities and resources

By meticulously adhering to the pillars of licensed child care, we assure that Little People Day Care stands as a beacon of quality education and nurturing, directly addressing the pivotal development stages of early childhood education.


In summary, Little People Day Care is more than a mere childcare facility; it is an integral environment that vitalizes the foundations of early childhood education. This center excels in combining qualified and compassionate staff, innovative play-based learning methods, and robust partnerships with families, crafting an ambience where every young learner is poised to thrive. Each child’s unique capabilities and personality are celebrated, fostering a nurturing environment that is both supportive and stimulating.

As a hub for child care services, Little People Day Care is committed to upholding the highest standards of health, safety, and education. Their unwavering dedication ensures that the educational journey of each child is rich with positive experiences and discovery, paving the way for their future successes. It stands as a beacon, showcasing the profound impact that dedicated early care and nurturing can have in unlocking the vast potential within our youngest minds.

Encapsulating the essence of a community that cherishes early learning, Little People Day Care is testament to the transformative power of a nurturing environment. By providing children with the tools, experiences, and support necessary to nourish their growth, this center continues to be an invaluable asset to families and a leader in early childhood education.


What age groups does Little People Day Care cater to?

Little People Day Care offers a range of child care services for infants through kindergarten-aged children, as well as before & after school programs with busing services for older children.

What programs are offered at Little People Day Care?

The center provides a comprehensive suite of programs including infant care, toddler day care, preschool, pre-kindergarten, full-day kindergarten, and before & after school activities.

Can you describe the learning environment at Little People Day Care?

The daycare center is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment focused on early childhood education, play-based learning, and fostering positive self-esteem in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Is Little People Day Care a licensed child care facility?

Yes, Little People Day Care is a licensed child care facility that strictly follows safety regulations and policies to provide the highest standard of care.

How are the staff at Little People Day Care selected?

Staff members, including directors and educators, are carefully chosen for their experience and commitment to providing high-quality child care services. They are dedicated to nurturing and educating children in a supportive environment.

How does Little People Day Care support healthy eating habits?

The daycare understands the importance of nutrition in a child’s development and serves nutritious meals that cater to the physical and mental growth of children, laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

What is the role of play in the curriculum at Little People Day Care?

Play-based learning is central to the curriculum, allowing children to learn through play. This approach encourages self-worth, social skills, and a love for learning in a fun, engaging way.

Does Little People Day Care support family involvement?

Yes, the center has an open-door policy for parents and encourages their involvement in activities such as field trips and VIP weeks to strengthen the relationship between home and the daycare environment.

What policies are in place to ensure non-discrimination at Little People Day Care?

Little People Day Care adheres to civil rights laws and USDA civil rights regulations, ensuring that all children have equal access to their programs and services without discrimination.

Is Little People Day Care open on major holidays?

No, the center remains closed on certain major holidays including Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day to allow families and staff to spend quality time together.

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