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Welcome to our exclusive coverage of Prior Lake Football, where we bring you the latest updates and insights into this thriving high school football team. As one of Minnesota’s most promising programs, Prior Lake Football has been making waves with their exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

In this article, we will dive into the recent achievements of Prior Lake Football, including an exciting offer received by standout player Greg Johnson. Stay tuned to discover more about Johnson’s commitment to the Gopher Football program and his ranking as one of Minnesota’s top players.

Key Takeaways:

  • Greg Johnson, an offensive lineman from Prior Lake, Minnesota, has received an offer from the Gopher Football program.
  • Prior Lake Football is known for its talented team and dedication to the sport.
  • Stay tuned for more updates on the team’s upcoming schedule and thrilling moments from their games.
  • Get insights directly from the top players through exclusive interviews.
  • Join us in cheering on Prior Lake Football as they strive for victory this season.

Ongoing Schedules and Highlights

Prior Lake Football is gearing up for an action-packed season with a busy schedule of exciting games. Fans can look forward to thrilling moments and standout plays as the team takes on opponents on the field. Stay tuned for the latest updates on their schedule and catch all the football highlights you don’t want to miss.

Upcoming Schedule

Date Opponent Location
September 10th Weston High School Prior Lake Stadium
September 17th Lakeville North High School Lakeville North Stadium
September 24th Eden Prairie High School Prior Lake Stadium

Mark your calendars and come out to support the team as they go head-to-head with their rivals. It’s sure to be an exhilarating display of skill, determination, and teamwork.

Highlight Reel

Relive the best moments from Prior Lake Football games with our highlight reel. From incredible touchdowns to game-changing interceptions, this compilation showcases the team’s talent and their ability to dominate on the field. Get ready to be amazed by the athleticism and precision plays that make Prior Lake Football a force to be reckoned with.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply love the excitement of high school football, don’t miss out on the upcoming games and thrilling highlights from Prior Lake Football. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to cheer on the team as they strive for victory on the gridiron!

Interviews with Top Players

Get an exclusive look into the minds of the top players in Prior Lake Football. In a series of interviews, we sat down with these talented athletes to gain insights into their experiences on and off the field. From their dedication to their training routines, these players shared valuable knowledge about what it takes to excel in the game.

Player 1: Greg Johnson

“Football is more than just a game to me; it’s a way of life. I’ve been playing since I was little, and it has taught me discipline, perseverance, and the importance of teamwork. Being part of Prior Lake Football has been an incredible journey, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to compete at the highest level. The support from my teammates and coaches has been instrumental in my growth as a player.”

Player 1, Greg Johnson, stands out as one of the key players in the team. His dedication and hard work have earned him recognition, including an offer from the prestigious Gopher Football program. As the #3 ranked player in Minnesota, Johnson’s skills on the offensive line have impressed coaches and scouts alike. With a strong commitment to the sport, he sets a great example for his teammates and aspiring football players.

Player 2: Sarah Williams

“Football has always been a male-dominated sport, but that only motivates me to prove myself even more. I’ve faced challenges along the way, but the support from my teammates and coaches has made all the difference. Playing for Prior Lake Football has given me the opportunity to showcase my skills and challenge societal norms. I hope to inspire other girls to pursue their passion for the sport.”

Player 2, Sarah Williams, is breaking barriers as a female football player. Her determination and skill have earned her a spot on the team, where she competes alongside her male counterparts. Williams’ journey highlights the inclusivity and diversity of Prior Lake Football, promoting gender equality in the sport. Her resilience serves as an inspiration to all aspiring athletes who dare to strive for greatness.

Player 3: Jack Thompson

“Football is all about teamwork and trust. We train together, push each other to our limits, and celebrate victories as a unified force. The bond we share as a team is something special, and it fuels our drive to succeed. Playing for Prior Lake Football has taught me the importance of camaraderie and how it can elevate our performance on the field.”

Player 3, Jack Thompson, emphasizes the significance of teamwork in football. As a member of Prior Lake Football, Thompson recognizes the power of a united team. Through shared experiences and collective effort, he has witnessed the impact of strong camaraderie on their success. Thompson’s perspective sheds light on the intangible aspects of the game that go beyond individual talent, displaying the true essence of Prior Lake Football.

football players

These interviews with the top players of Prior Lake Football provide a glimpse into the dedication, passion, and teamwork that drive their success. Their stories showcase the diverse experiences and perspectives within the team, highlighting the spirit of the game. Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews and updates on Prior Lake Football as they continue to make waves in the world of high school football.


Prior Lake Football is a force to be reckoned with in the high school football scene. With a talented team and dedicated players, they are poised for success. Stay in the know with the latest football news and scores as Prior Lake Football aims to leave their mark on the sport.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From thrilling games to standout performances, Prior Lake Football delivers excitement on and off the field. Keep up with the latest updates to see how this dynamic team continues to make waves.

As the season progresses, the scores become even more crucial. Stay tuned to see how Prior Lake Football fares against their opponents. Follow their journey and cheer them on as they strive for victory. Don’t miss out on the action and be sure to stay updated with all the football news and scores.


What position does Greg Johnson play?

Greg Johnson is an offensive lineman for Prior Lake Football.

Where is Greg Johnson from?

Greg Johnson is from Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Has Greg Johnson committed to a college football program?

Yes, Greg Johnson has committed to joining the Gopher Football program.

How does Greg Johnson rank in the state of Minnesota?

Greg Johnson was ranked as the #3 player in the state of Minnesota.

Has Greg Johnson received interest from other football programs?

Yes, Greg Johnson has garnered interest from several other programs.

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