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Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and highlights from Westside Football. As one of the top football teams in the region, Westside Football Club has had an incredible season, showcasing their talent and prowess on the field. From dominating their opponents to breaking records, Westside Football has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the football league.

Key Takeaways:

  • Westside High had an impressive 13-0 record and won their second straight state title.
  • They scored 56 points against Elkhorn South, the most in a Class A final.
  • The team’s defense recorded their eighth shutout game of the season in the championship match.
  • Westside’s senior quarterback, Anthony Rezac, led the team to victory and set records.
  • Westside Football’s performance showcased their talent, determination, and dedication to the sport.

Westside Takes Class A Championship with 8th Shutout Game this Season

Westside High School’s football team emerged victorious in the Class A championship game against Elkhorn South, securing their second consecutive state title and fifth in school history. The Warriors dominated the game, impressively winning with a final score of 56-0. This remarkable victory showcased their prowess in high school football and established them as a formidable force in the league.

One of the key factors that contributed to Westside’s success was their exceptional defense. Their game against Elkhorn South marked their eighth shutout of the season, further highlighting their ability to prevent their opponents from scoring. This remarkable defensive achievement is a testament to the hard work and coaching of the team, reinforcing the effectiveness of their training and strategies.

In addition to their strong defense, Westside’s offense played a crucial role in securing the championship title. The team’s coaching staff ensured that their players were well-prepared, resulting in a well-executed game plan. The players’ skills and teamwork were on full display as they effectively moved the ball down the field and scored an impressive 56 points.

Westside High School Football Achievements Season Accomplishment
2019 State Championship Second consecutive state title
2019 Regular Season Eight shutout games
2019 Regular Season Allowed only 46 points

Westside High School’s football program is not only a dominant force in Class A football, but it also serves as an inspiration for youth football players. The team’s success highlights the importance of hard work, dedication, and effective coaching in achieving remarkable results. Aspiring football players can look to Westside as a model for success, understanding the value of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance in reaching their goals.

Westside Quarterback Leads Team to Victory and Sets Records

Westside High’s senior quarterback, Anthony Rezac, played a pivotal role in leading the team to a decisive victory in the championship game. With his exceptional performance, Rezac proved to be a true leader on the field, showcasing his versatility, skill, and determination.

In the championship game, Rezac demonstrated his ability to excel in both passing and rushing plays. He threw for an impressive 259 yards, completing 20 out of 25 passes with remarkable precision. Rezac’s accurate throws consistently found their targets, driving the team forward and setting up crucial scoring opportunities.

Not content with his passing prowess alone, Rezac also made an impact with his legs. He rushed for two touchdowns, showcasing his agility, speed, and ability to read the field. His dynamic playmaking ability was instrumental in putting points on the board and securing the victory for Westside High.

With this exceptional performance, Anthony Rezac etched his name into the record books of Westside High. He now holds the title of all-time leader in passing touchdowns, passing yards, and completions. Rezac’s achievement reflects his dedication to the sport and his passion for leading his team to victory.

Player Statistics:

Player Passing Yards Passing Touchdowns Rushing Yards Rushing Touchdowns
Anthony Rezac 259 2 48 2
Other Players

Anthony Rezac’s outstanding performance in the championship game not only contributed to the team’s victory but also solidified his legacy as a standout player in Westside High’s football history. His remarkable achievements on the field will long be remembered and celebrated by the school, coaches, and fans alike.

Westside Football’s Record-Breaking Season Earns State Championship Title

Westside Football’s journey to the state championship was nothing short of remarkable. The team’s exceptional performance throughout the season culminated in a dominant display in the championship game, where they secured their second consecutive state title. Their record-breaking achievements have solidified their place as one of the top contenders in the football league.

One of the standout moments of the season was their incredible offensive prowess. Scoring an impressive 56 points in the championship game against a formidable opponent showcased their offensive skills and tactical brilliance. This outstanding performance demonstrated the team’s ability to work together seamlessly, making them a force to be reckoned with in the football league.

Their defensive strength was equally remarkable. With their eighth shutout game of the season, Westside Football’s defense displayed an unwavering determination to prevent their opponents from scoring. This remarkable feat highlighted the team’s exceptional discipline, coordination, and commitment to excellence.

At the center of their success was the exceptional leadership of quarterback Anthony Rezac. His instrumental role in guiding the team to victory was evident throughout the season, as he consistently showcased his skills and versatility on the field. Rezac’s record-breaking performance, setting new benchmarks for passing touchdowns, passing yards, and completions, further solidified his status as one of Westside Football’s all-time greats.


How many points did Westside High score in the Class A final?

Westside High scored 56 points in the Class A final against Elkhorn South.

How many shutout games did Westside High have during the season?

Westside High pitched their eighth shutout of the season in the championship game against Elkhorn South.

What was Westside High’s overall record for the season?

Westside High finished the season with an impressive 13-0 record.

How many points did Westside High allow throughout the season?

Westside High allowed a total of 46 points throughout the entire season.

How many state championships has Westside High won?

The recent victory marked Westside High’s second consecutive state title and fifth in school history.

Who was the standout player for Westside High in the championship game?

Westside High’s senior quarterback, Anthony Rezac, played a pivotal role in leading the team to victory.

What were Anthony Rezac’s stats in the championship game?

Anthony Rezac threw for 259 yards, completed 20 out of 25 passes, and rushed for two touchdowns in the championship game.

What records did Anthony Rezac set for Westside High?

Anthony Rezac became the all-time leader in passing touchdowns, passing yards, and completions for Westside High.

How would you describe Westside High’s overall season?

Westside High had a record-breaking season, finishing with an impressive 13-0 record, scoring 56 points in the Class A final, and recording their eighth shutout of the season.

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